CANCELLED. Community Plans under attack again!

October 9, 2015
9:00 amto10:00 am

Good Job Troops!!!! You beat back the latest attempt to destroy our Community Plans!!!!!

Planning Committee Chair Don Couch has CANCELLED the Planning Committee’s meeting that was scheduled for this Friday, October 9 at 9am.

That meeting agenda contained the item to over-ride specific community plan “land-use designations” with overly-generous zoning definitions that would wipe out much of the effort that went into developing all of Maui’s community plans. “(PC-21)AMENDING COMMUNITY PLAN REQUIREMENTS RELATING TO LAND USE DESIGNATIONS”

This matter is not dead and may rear its ugly head in the near future.


Save Our Community Plans (Again!)

Testify 9 am, Friday, October 9, 2015

Our Community Plans Are Under Attack Once Again. The latest proposed revisions to Maui County Code (PC-21) are a blatant attempt to reinterpret and trump all of our existing community plans at once!

After a strong showing by concerned citizens in June, the first attempt at this “technical amendment” was sent back to the drawing board. The latest version of this bill has different language, but would have the same effect – to gut the Community Plans, by saying that all of our community plan land use designations will be merely “representative”, and therefore would not rule over the zoning.

During years of dedicated work, Citizen Advisory Committees and concerned citizens were clearly and repeatedly told that land use zoning must comply with the Community Plans. This ordinance would turn that on its head, and would violate Hawaii State law.

Please come and testify!

Don Couch’s Planning Committee is scheduled to meet on Friday, October 9th at 9:00 am.


Council Chamber

Kalana o Maui Building, 8th Floor

200 South High Street

Wailuku, Hawaii

If you cannot testify in person, please send comments as soon as possible.

Email comments to:

Planning Committee

Don Couch, Chair 

Robert Carroll, Vice Chair;    

Gladys Baisa

Elle Cochran 

Don Guzman 

Mike Victorino  

Mike White      


Ask the Council Planning Committee to respect the hard work of the Community Plan Citizen Advisory Committees. Ask them to FILE County Communication 15-154 and other related action.

The Community Plans are Your Voice and should have the force of Law.


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