Mālama ‘Āina: A Conversation About Maui’s Farming Future

Another period in the history of Hawai`i appears to be coming to a close with the announcement by Alexander & Baldwin (A&B) that they are closing their sugar operations on Maui under their subsidiary, HC&S.

Many people look at the 36,000 acres that HC&S currently farms on Maui and wonder what the future will look like in the years to come. Will we be able to feed our growing island community and stop importing over 90% of our foodstuffs? Will those green fields of cane be replaced by a barren dust bowl, unable to adequately sustain and grow new crops? Or worse yet, will it be paved over and developed, thereby killing our island way of living and ushering in a period of urbanized, metropolitan living?

We have the chance to create something sustainable, profitable AND healthy for our ‘āina (land), our ‘ohana (families) and our community.

Working together with Permaculture Design International LLC, Maui Tomorrow has come up with ideas and possible solutions that would not only put Maui on the map as a leader in this systemic and holistic approach to agriculture, but could also create MORE jobs than our community is losing. Join us as we begin a community conversation about the many opportunities for rejuvenation of the agricultural sector of our economy in ways that would be Pono for our environment and our people.

To clarify, this report is a point to begin conversation regarding farming on those vast acres and is not associated in any way with a current movement known as “The Community Organic Farmland Initiative”. Maui Tomorrow and this project seek to broaden the range of options with regards to possible uses of the land.


Click on the image above or view the entire report here: Future of Maui.org




  1. Madeleine Migenes says

    I cannot open this document on my computer. Is there another way I can read it?

    • Maui Tomorrow says

      We apologize that you were unable to access the report. Please try the link again or click on the image above it to access a PDF of the report which is 52 pages long.

  2. Steve says

    cannot view report…google won’t allow access

    • Maui Tomorrow says

      Aloha! Please try the link again or click on the image above it in the post to be taken to a PDF of the report.

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