Save Makena! 47-acre Resort Complex Being Proposed!


South Maui needs your help! TOMORROW, January 26th – 9am,  Maui Planning Commission 250 S. High St. (downstairs room)

We apologize for the late notice on this meeting. we have been working hard to gather information so that YOU may make your voices heard, armed with good, factual information.

This project is only part of a larger area with future plans for development. Do YOU like the way Makena looks now? Do you want to continue to have access to the places you enjoy with family and friends?

Should above market-priced homes for part-time residents be built when we need homes for our residents NOW?

PLEASE, share this message with your networks and submit your mana`o (comments) on this project by email TODAY to and/or in person TOMORROW morning at the Planning Department 250 S. High St (downstairs room) at 9am.



  1. David Lewis says

    Hawaii is my home from birth…the unchecked development that pushes out the local in favor of someone’s bottom line is unconscionable……leave Makena Makena and develop affordable properties for those that cannot afford homes in an already grossly overinflated real estate market….you have enough and don’t need more – the time is now to give back instead of killing with development

  2. Gabriella says

    Absolutely NOT!!!!!! Don’t ruin what precious ‘Aina we have left in south Maui…. It needs to be preserved… It’s my favorite spot, and extremely important to keep it that way for everyone. The quietness and tranquility of this location, and repspect for the people and land is more important thank $$$$$!!!!!! Stop ruining Maui- your developments are not welcome there – nor needed. Period. Go elsewhere. KAPU FOR YOU!!!!!

  3. Matt says

    No this belongs to the people to enjoy not for rich people to pay for the privilege of enjoying.

  4. Tammara Wells says

    Please don’t approve this development. Makenna is a special place and needs protection. The time is now to make decisions like this to protect the beauty of this area. It’s special and will be destroyed with more residential monoliths. If the island continues to be overbuilt, the very thing that draws tourists and others to this area will be gone. Protect the island and leave this area undeveloped so people can enjoy it… not just the wealthy.

  5. Leslie says

    This land is not meant to house a playground for well heeled tourists who come and go with no vested interest in true sacredness and purpose of these islands. The land was essentially taken from its original inhabitants and continuing the resulting imbalance by developing this property is going in the wrong direction. Yes, jobs are created during construction…and then they end. Low paying jobs out of synch with the talents of the culture are created. But even they are subject to the whims of outside forces. If the economy turns or weather speaks out, tourists stop coming and then this raped land sits with its ghosts and haunts the truth of what Hawaii really is.

  6. Beth Lieblngx says

    This is not needed and will not help Maui in any way
    Just a few developers and real estate agents who are probably salivating…
    When are Mauis politicians going to represent what is good for the children and families of Maui and say no to developers.. Respect the Aina is not a joke

  7. Grace Woods says

    I do not favor any plans until a full environmental impact statement has been made.

    Please consider that if this is not done, there will be ramifications, and consequences.

    Thank you.

    Grace Woods

  8. Marilyn says

    Please vote to protect Makena! We must preserve our island from development. It can’t be turned back. This will destroy the ocean and beauty of our land.

  9. Art Salsbury says

    NO Absolutely NOT!!!! NObody who resides here on maui want that beautiful strand of beaches at Makenna to be marred by hideous Ugly buildings that only the land developers think are nice but to those of us like myself that have lived on maui our whole lives, we frown at this stupidity of filling all the beautiful places on maui with junky cheapo unattractive resorts instead of our wonderfully beautiful natural Hawaii beaches ♥

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