Reader’s Letter to Editor

This letter appeared in the Maui News:

I wish someone would give me an explanation on how we could have three planning entities reject the proposed – and now approved – growth changes for Makena and yet have this suddenly approved (The Maui News, June 6)?

The Maui General Plan Advisory Committee, the Maui Planning Commission and former planning directors previously have rejected this request to have 390 acres added to the future growth boundaries of South Maui in Makena, and now it is approved. How in the world did this happen? Someone actually thinks this is a good idea?

The Makena Resort already had 2,700 units approved, and that was not enough? Makena will be radically changed in a few years, and not for the better. This is a sad day for South Maui and a sad example of how our government works on Maui.

The people who engineered this should be ashamed of themselves.

Robert Raimo


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