Protecting Maui’s Water

Restore Stream Flow and Recharge Aquifers: Maui’s best aquifers have a better chance of getting the recharge they need as an historic Hawaii As the world watches: June 6, 2012. Earthjustice and OHA Supreme Court decision Attorneys await their turn to present oral arguments to Hawaii in August favors Maui Supreme Court on returning stream flows to Na Wai Eha. Tomorrow and allies. Justices unanimously agree that not enough stream flow was restored by a 2010 Commission on Water Resource Management decision.

Save “Water Accountability” Ordinance: Maui Tomorrow worked closely with the Maui County Council to keep clear language in the County’s “Show Me the Water” ordinance, prevailing over developers who pushed for repeal.  


Ukumehame storm runoff event

Stop Sediment at Ukumehame from Over-Running Endangered Coral Reefs: Maui Tomorrow led a network of local organizations in demanding that polluting runoff from a Department of Transportation roadway hardening project along the shore be halted at Ukumehame in West Maui. The state administration listened and mitigations were put in place along with regular monitoring of conditions.  

Educational Component: Maui Tomorrow holds public events on timely topics – storm water run-off impacts; changing rainfall patterns in the Hawaiian Islands; and the County of Maui’s updated Maui Water Use & Development Plan process, as well as presentations throughout the 2012 to policymakers and the Hawaii Community Foundation. Developed YouTube video of Ukumehame situation.  


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