Enforcing Planning Rules

Support Community’s Voice in the Maui Island Plan. Maui Tomorrow has been the main source of public information about emerging issues in Maui Island Plan (MIP) rallying Over100 people attended a MIP April support for strong forum in Kihei to learn about the issues. policies and respect for local community preferences. We produced community access television presentations on South and West Maui growth plans.

Over 100 people attended the Maui Island Plan Forum in Kihei sponsored by Maui Tomorrow.

Educational Component: Presented three community forums on the MIP process as well as issuing regular updates to civic groups, service clubs and presentations to UH- Maui College classes.

Protect Existing Agricultural Lands and Communities. Maui Tomorrow and allies were successful in keeping over one thousand acres in Agricultural designation despite efforts by developers to reclassify these lands to a potentially higher density Rural designation.


Two of Maui's precious native Wiliwili trees.

Native Forest Protection in Wailea 670: Maui Tomorrow held two presentations at the UH-Maui College promoting a 130 acre native forest preserve inside the proposed Wailea 670 project Two of Maui’s precious native Wiliwili trees in South Maui. The presentations supported a US Fish & Wildlife Service effort and educated the public on how to submit comments in support of an expanded critical habitat designation for the area.

Educational Component: Developed a Wiliwili Warriors information booth at Kihei’s Annual Whale Day event and a float in event’s parade; also held the 5th annual Save Makena skim board contest, engaging the next generation on the need for natural resource preservation. Educational Component: Held three public events on timely topics – storm water run-off impacts; changing rainfall patterns in the Hawaiian Islands; and the County of Maui’s updated Maui Water Use & Development Plan process, as well as presentations throughout the 2012 to policymakers and the Hawaii Community Foundation. Developed YouTube video of Ukumehame situation.


"Trees Please" cleanup group

Northshore Preservation: Convened multiple organizations to support coastal land preservation along Maui’s northshore. “Trees Please” clean up group Held three community presentations, community access television program and “Trees Please” clean up and tree replanting event at Baldwin Beach in Paia.

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