Do YOU Favor A Developerʻs Plans Over Community Plans?

January 7, 2016

Maui County Council’s Planning Committee will be meeting Thursday, January 7th, 2016 at 9am in Council Chambers, 8th fl Maui county bldg.

On the agenda is item #PC-11 (Lāna`i Community plans) and proposed changes to it.


(Click on image above to be re-directed to the County website for the full agenda document.)


The Planning Director and Planning Committee Chair Don Couch continue to try to undermine years of hard work by our Community Plan Advisory Committees by making the Zoning trump our Community Plans. Tell Don Couch’s Planning Committee not to let the Planning Director do another end-run around the process by inserting changes that would violate Hawaii State law. These changes were not seen by the Lana`i Community Plan Advisory Committee or the Lana`i Planning Commission. Don Couch doesn’t think that matters, because they are “only advisory.” Tell Don Couch to respect the will of the Community!

Also please contact the other Planning Committee members and let them know you STRONGLY OBJECT to this move that could set a dangerous precedent for the Community Plans throughout the rest of Maui County. What happens to one community-created and driven plan could certainly happen to others. Let them know this is absolutely unacceptable. Our Community Plans reflect a lot of hard work and research “to address the unique characteristics of each Community Plan Area”. It is the vehicle that gives residents the opportunity “to address challenges specific to their regions”.

We understand that this hearing will be just one day after the equally important “Show Me the Water” policy hearing on the 6th, but we urge you to show up to support our Community Plans, submit testimony and share this post with others.

TESTIMONY FOR THE LĀNA`I ISSUE (PC-11) may be emailed to:

Voting Members:
Don Couch, Chair
Robert Carroll, Vice-Chair
Gladys C. Baisa
Elle Cochran
Don S. Guzman
Michael P. Victorino
Mike White

Non-Voting Members:
Stacy Crivello
Riki Hokama


  1. Richard DeLeon says

    Aloha kakou!
    I Richard Maele DeLeon object to Mr Counch stands against all communities plans! The whole purpose of this system is vital to all community and to give them a voice! In what happens in and around there community! And to send a message to those community can and will be the wrong message to send which can be devastating! Again I opposed of Council men Don Couch, approach to these delicate issues that faces all communities!

  2. Joseph Stewart says

    I opposed this plan and it’s effect on South Maui, in it’s entirety.

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