Council Votes to Take Honolua/Lipoa Out of Preservation

Mahalo to the hundreds who wrote email testimony in support of keeping Lipoa point in preservation. Mahalo also to council members Elle Cochran, Don Couch and Bob Carroll for supporting the community’s desire to see Lipoa point kept in preservation. Unfortunately, council member Mike White of Makawao made a motion to remove Lipoa Point from preservation. The motion was seconded by Mike Victorino of Wailuku. Also voting to take Lipoa Point out of preservation were Joseph Pontanilla of Kahului, Gladys Baisa of Upcountry and Danny Mateo of Molokai. We do not know why these council members would choose to throw away an amazing opportunity supported by sixteen thousand petitioners to put Lipoa Point in preservation.

HOWEVER… It appears that there will be one more chance for Council Members to change their minds. We will get back to you with more details as we get them, but we have heard that there will be one more vote in a month or so to finalize the West Maui Plan.

We will continue to work toward our mission but we will need your help. We will need more political will in this next month. Today is a sad day for Maui, but let us channel our sadness, outrage and fear into any and all efforts that would save Honolua from development.
Written by Save Honolua


  1. Andrew Claydon says

    I will be on board to pass on this information to our youth. So they will know who and how these council members decided to vote on this issue. Truly many of them will be disappointed and will cast their votes accordingly in the future. It is nice to know that some of our council representatives are thinking of those who will have to deal with their decisions in the future. Mahalo

  2. Dudley Smith says

    Please. Enough is enough. We can not build ourselves out of economic down turns. It is just not sustainable.
    Ps. I’m a builder

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