Council Bows to Mainland Developers and Urbanizes Makena

Today all the developers showed up to the council with their many representatives. The developers got what THEY wanted. The people of Maui lost.

The General Plan Committee added the mauka Makena 390 acre lot back into the Urban Growth Boundary, as well as approving 2 large projects in North Kihei mauka of the Piilani Highway with 2,750 units (1,250 in the R&T Park and 1,500 in Kihei Mauka). (The R&T park is going to submit its Draft EIS in 2 weeks on June 23.)

The GPAC had turned down the Makena 390 acres project and included only 1,000 units mauka of Piilani highway, as all that was necessary.

Councilmembers Elle Cochran, Riki Hokama and Don Couch voted against the Makena increase.

The following 6 Councilmembers voted for ALL the increases:

Gladys Baisa,

Mike Victorino,

Joe Pontanilla,

Danny Mateo,

Bob Carroll,

Mike White.

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