Hele Down For Lāna`i!

The Maui County Council will be holding a special meeting regarding Lāna`iʻs Community Plan TOMORROW in Council chambers.

Itʻs no April Foolʻs joke! The County Council will be hearing Don Couchʻs amendment (County Communication 16-63) which puts developer-desired zoning ABOVE Lāna`iʻs Community Plan. It will be heard tomorrow afternoon at 1:30pm.

Councilmember Couch has historically attempted to replace this communityʻs plan with an alternative that would favor re-zoning and ultimately be of greater benefit to the developer than to the community.
-Does that sound like a pono (right;proper) plan to you?
PLEASE support Lāna`i and their Community Plan! MANY hours of meetings, group planning and mana`o went into it BY the residents, FOR the residents. DONʻT LET ZONING TRUMP COMMUNITY PLANS! If it happens on Lāna`i, which community plan might be next?
View the content of Don Couch’s Amendment 3-23-2016 .
View Meeting Agenda here: specialmtgagenda


  • Council Chamber, 8th Floor,
  • 200 South High Street
  • , Wailuku, Hawaii

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  • Sandra Reid

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